Club Cooee

Developed by cooee GmbH, Club Cooee is a friendly and animated virtual world where you can meet new people.

Club Cooee, meet new people while having fun!

Contrary to what some may think, Club Cooee is not a game, but an interactive 3D chat room. Each player has the ability to create and furnish their own rooms, some of which are not so different from other identical games. Before the game, you have the possibility to create your character. You have a wide variety of facial features and hairstyles available to start customizing your avatar. You can make it as close to you as you want. Easy to download, the application also offers you the possibility to choose clothes of your choice.

You can buy boots, vests, crowns, roses, gloves, etc. The majority of the items are accessible, as they come with the standard game currency. After customizing your avatar, you can choose from three room options: standard (these rooms are usually created by the players), quiz and DJ. You can also set up a DJ station in the room you have created. You will find a list of all available rooms if you need them. All you have to do is join the room of your choice (or create one) and meet new people.

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