A remote control application for managing smart appliances in the home, Wemo is a convenient tool that is controlled from a phone. It can be used to control an entire room at any time and from any location.

The features of Wemo

Wemo's many features make it useful in everyday life. A function called "Absence Mode" allows you to turn on the lights in the house at random. During a trip, a meeting or any other absence, the occupants can activate it to make it look like they are still at home and thus increase the security of the home. The lights can be programmed at specific times, just as synchronization with the sun is possible. The lights are automatically turned on once the sun's rays disappear.

With this application, it is also possible to associate Wemo devices (Light Switch, Insight, Switch, Wemo mini) with a smart speaker like Google Home or Amazon Echo to have a hands-free control. A simple click on the smartphone allows to control everything. It is even possible to pair Wemo with If This, Then That which is a web service that allows you to set lights for events and send notifications about device activity.

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