Tolino is a book reading software. The application is developed by Next Performance Germany GmbH. Tolino is available under iOS and Android but not yet on Windows PCs.

Tolino, to read all your digital books

Tolino allows its user to access more than 2 million eBooks and audiobooks from its various devices. The format of the books is available as PDF or EPUB. The user can choose to read in landscape or portrait format and can define the font size. The reader can also highlight book passages and add annotations. Tolino's design allows the background color of books to be changed in night or sepia mode to optimize the reader's comfort.

For audiobooks, the reading speed is adjustable. Tolino also has a reading option dedicated to sleep: it is possible to set a timer that will stop at the end of the set time. On Tolino, a library is available. The software allows the synchronization of the different devices, in order to resume playback where it has been left previously. To navigate easily in its library, a filter has been set up. Moreover, it is possible to quickly find a passage of text by carrying out a search with a few key words. Tolino has its own cloud, allowing you to download e-books to read or listen to them offline. Finally, this software offers reading samples to allow the reader to see if the chosen book corresponds to him.

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