ClassDojo is a school communication platform that teachers and families use to keep themselves informed in real time about the progress and highlights of each student. It is very popular with schools, being used in 95% of primary and secondary schools in the United States and in 180 countries. As a result, all messages sent on the platform can be translated into 35 languages automatically.

A tool for collaboration between teachers and parents

Class Dojo is an online behaviour management system designed to foster positive student behaviour and classroom culture. Specifically, the platform allows teachers to record feedback on students' skills and creates a portfolio for students, so that families can be aware of their school activities. This information is recorded in real time on student profiles so that it can be reviewed throughout the year. Parents also have identifiers so they can see their child's achievements at home.

At the heart of the application, each student has a profile (with his or her own avatar) to which teachers can assign positive and negative points (or "dojos") throughout the lesson and during the semester. Changes can be made by the teacher from his or her computer or tablet, and each time a point is assigned, an (optional) sound is played to alert the teacher to the newness. Classdojo works on all devices, such as tablets, phones and smartboards.

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