Wisenet SmartCam+

Wisenet Smartcam+ is an application that takes advantage of technology and digital technology to enable its users to monitor their valuable assets. It is designed by Hanwha Techwin Inc. and its features can be accessed through various platforms.

Operation and use of the application

At any time, the person who has downloaded Wisenet Smartcam+ will be able to keep an eye on their home. They can also be alerted to react in case of intrusion, accident, fire, etc. The app is linked to Smart Home camera that can be installed in various corners of the house or apartment. The recorded images and videos are transmitted in real time to Wisenet Smartcam+, which makes home surveillance permanent, easy, and without any distance limit.

Thanks to Wisenet Smartcam+'s features, the police can be notified immediately in case of an intrusion or theft. If you're busy at work, you can call the next-door neighbor to deal with the little problem of children left at home. And if you are particularly fond of pets, you can take care of them at all times by monitoring their behavior. To use the tool, the user is invited to download and install this application depending on the device used.

There are many cameras compatible with the application: SNH-V6431BN, SmartCam A1, SNH-V6410PN, SNH-C6417BN, SNH-V6435DN, SmartCam N1 (SNH-P6415BN), SmartCam N2 (SNH-P6416BN). Once the camera is connected to Wisenet Smartcam+, the user can enjoy many benefits. They can receive event alarms, perform remote monitoring, play and record video of events, and enjoy two-way audio communication.

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