Published by Mango Technologies, Inc, Clickup is a cloud-based project management and collaboration solution suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Easy to download, it is available for Android, iOS and Windows PC.

Clickup, your ultimate collaboration tool

Clickup is known for its many features including collaboration and communication tools. In other words, the app is more than just a task management tool. It offers documents, goals, reminders, calendars, etc. It is fully customizable for all types of teams, so that each team can use the same solution to plan, organize and collaborate. Tasks and comments can be assigned to specific team members or groups of team members. Tasks and comments can have different statuses: resolved, in progress, or even custom statuses.

The activity stream shows tasks as they are created and completed in real time. The main mission of the application is to make the world more productive by eliminating the friction caused by using many different applications. Designed for teams of all sizes and industries, Clickup's proprietary and fully customizable features make it a critical solution for any team that wants to bring everything together, from design to development. You can also create custom views that you can save and share with anyone. The tool is packed with exclusive features like assigned comments, etc.

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