Bitwarden Password Manager

On the Internet, almost every website visited requires the creation of a password. It is tempting to always use the same one, but this is a boon for hackers, or on the contrary, to change it every time, risking to forget it. Fortunately, there is an application that can centralize and secure all your passwords.

Bitwarden Password Manager, your password vault

Bitwarden was created in 2016 by Kyle Spearrin, who was looking to develop a free and efficient tool that could group and secure all passwords through an encryption system. The app can be downloaded from the Android and iOS stores. There is also a version for PC on Windows.

Bitwarden aims to ensure the security of your passwords and logins. To do this, this service generates unique passwords, assigned to a single website, aggregates them and stores them. The data itself is protected by a "master" password, which is the only one that the user must remember and which guarantees total data security. Moreover, by activating the double authentication, the application offers additional security. This is not the only advantage of the application, it is also possible to store secret credit card codes and even notes with sensitive content.

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