Office Lens

Office Lens is an official application from Microsoft Corporation for iOS, Android and (formerly) Windows PCs. It has the particularity to use the camera of a device to scan and thus digitize the texts of a piece of paper or a blackboard. With the help of Office Lens, you no longer have to worry about losing your documents, because you only need to scan them to have them at hand.

The pocket scanner that saves you time

Downloading Office Lens to your device saves you time while taking notes. Indeed, its use is very simple. Just take a picture of the text you want to record and Office Lens will scan it. Thanks to its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system, it is able to transcribe the images into digital text. The scanned images can be saved in Word, PowerPoint or PDF format.

To enhance your document, simply choose the mode that suits you best. Whiteboard mode allows you to crop and scan for highlights and shadows. Document mode gives you the ability to adjust and color images. Business Card mode allows you to easily take your contact information and save it in your address book.

You want to download Office Lens on Windows 10 ? Act !

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