Garmin Dive

The Garmin Dive application has been developed by Garmin. It is designed for mobile devices that work on Android and iOS and is your most valuable ally for diving enthusiasts.

The different features of Garmin Dive

Garmin Dive is a tool for managing data related to scuba diving. It helps the diving enthusiast to connect to his diving computer. It helps the scuba diver to determine his exact depth at the moment and to know the duration of the dives in order to better control his air consumption. Once on the surface of the water, you can consult a logbook and a dive history with the help of the tool. You can also see the map detailing your last locations under the sea.

Thanks to the application, you will also know the popular dive sites. To do this, you just need to use the function called 'explore'. All the information and data are taken directly from the Garmin cloud. During the dive, it is not uncommon for you to take pictures. Garmin Dive then allows you to display these pictures in your dive logs. In addition, it also helps to track the use of diving instruments such as tanks. This prevents the user from going underwater with insufficient air in the tank. In the same vein of safety, when there are problems with the diving equipment, a notification is issued on the screen.

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