You have often sought to have the measurements of objects around you or simply to be able to evaluate a distance in a simple way. Now, thanks to Ruler, this becomes possible. Ruler is an application that allows you to calculate measurements and surfaces accurately with a simple click.

A multi-touch measurement system

The Ruler application offers features for calculating areas, lengths of straight lines. Ruler allows you to convert units (millimeters and centimeters to inches), use the online ruler, set the thread pitch and many other measurement functions. The best tool for measuring tape, Ruler allows you to measure objects accurately through your smartphone screen or by taking a picture of them. Ruler has the particularity of being easy to use, having a simple calibration, translated into 15 different languages and above all measures in 4 modes namely: point, line, plane and level. Developed by Nixgame, the Ruler application is available on smartphones and tablets. You can download it for free on your Play Store or on the App Store for the iOs versions.

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