Magic Photo Editor

The app by developer Zachary Holt is useful in photo editing. It is available for both mobile devices running the Android and iOS operating systems. Unfortunately, it is not yet compatible with Windows PCs.

What are the features of the software?

The Magic Photo Editor:Foto Repair application is a photo processing software. It offers all the basic tools that will allow you to edit images in a simplified way. For example, you can use the "crop" function to resize the photos you have. And when you notice that the photo lacks brightness, you just need to manually set the lighting and the tones. Magic Photo Editor:Foto Repair offers you the possibility of using a range of gadgets, starting with the brush. This will allow you to write a message on the surface of the photo. In this situation, you can set the thickness and color of the brush.

Then after completing the changes, the software allows you to frame the work. For this, you have access to many styles that you could see inside the program's database. For example, the user can create an image worthy of a manga. Magic Photo Editor:Foto Repair also houses a feature dedicated to photo repair. This is an important option when you have destroyed or blurred photographs to reconstruct. For this purpose, Magic Editor:Foto Repair is equipped with artificial intelligence. After the repair, the image will become clear and colorful. The same artificial intelligence is able to beautify a photo with a simple click.

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