INKredible-Handwriting Note

Since the advent of the Internet, the digital world is constantly developing. Indeed, more and more people are turning to the digitalization of their project to gain even more visibility. Whether you are an artist, a company or an individual, digitizing your documents or your works with INKredible-Handwriting Note is a very beneficial solution. Let's discover together the particularity of this program.

INKredible-Handwriting Note, what makes it special?

It is amazing to notice that no substitute for paper and pencil is created until today. Taking advantage of the best handwriting options of the famous Notes Plus program, INKredible-Handwriting Note, an application developed by Viet Tran, now makes digital writing even more favorable than writing on paper thanks to automatic wrist and palm tracking.

INKredible-Handwriting Note aims to generate an exceptional digital writing experience. And that's without any hassles. When using INKredible-Handwriting Note, you won't see any buttons or controls, only a blank page to write on. Thanks to the complex technique of using Béziers curves, it is certain that INKredible-Handwriting Note will represent your manuscript even more remarkably than on paper.

Moreover, with INKredible-Handwriting Note, you will be able to print your writing with the resolution of your choice, without affecting its quality. Therefore, don't hesitate to use the INKredible-Handwriting Note application for writing your notes. If you are using an Android device, you can download it from Google Play Store. For Apple devices, the download is on Apple App Store, and for Windows PCs, unfortunately, you will not be able to download this software yet.

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