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The advent of mobile devices with a lens capable of taking pictures (Android smartphones, Windows PC, tablet, iPhone or MacBook), has popularized image taking. Coupled with the innovations brought by the creators of mobile applications, this has given birth to applications such as Scoompa Video, which allow you to make personalized videos/slideshows using the photos and videos you have.

Why should you download the Scoompa Video app?

Released on October 12, 2014, Scoompa Video is an easy-to-use application offered by Scoompa, an Android developer specializing in creating photo apps. The principle is as follows: choose or take images and/or videos to get a personalized video slideshow. The functionalities integrated in the app include, among other things, taking from the camera of your mobile, selecting from the gallery or from the web the images/videos to be used.

The choice, among those proposed, of the style of the video slideshow to create and the animated video images are other options that are left to the user's discretion. As for the rest, you will be able to integrate texts written in one of the 55 predefined fonts into the video you choose, add a special filter to make the visual look the way you want it to, modify the video so that visible imperfections disappear, add stickers for more color, or even give it a special musical touch thanks to the many options of integrated or imported sound tracks. Of course, the resulting creation can be shared directly or later.

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