The Danale mobile application is a program developed by Danale.Inc. The software can be used for Android and iOS operating systems and is currently not available on Windows PCs.

Danale's features

Danale has the function of managing your surveillance cameras through IP addresses. You could then see suspicious events inside the home or people lurking around the outside perimeter. The information to know is that Danale only deals with the remote management of the cameras. Therefore, it is the performance and the options of the device that will guarantee the security of the home and not the program. But, both (the camera and the software) will work together. In this sense, when the camera is for example equipped with a motion detector, the application will send a notification to the user's smartphone after an intrusion.

The software allows both viewing and recording of things that happen in front of the camera 24/7. The only condition is that the tool remains connected. Note that the video content will be saved in the cloud. You could then view the footage at any time. As far as the IP setting is concerned, Danale is plug and play. Therefore, it is set automatically. To use the tool on your technological instruments whether it is a smartphone or a pc, you need to create a Danale user account. Once connected to the secure and encrypted account, you can add the camera as a device to administer.

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