iVCam Webcam

iVCam is much more than an application that will turn your tablet or smartphone into an HD webcam. It can replace your old built-in webcam, record remotely (video and audio) and take great pictures, simultaneously and in real time, on all devices connected to the PC.

iVCam: the winning combo!

Before installing the iVCam application on a Windows PC and its connected devices and downloading the client software, you need to define the installation directory. Then comes the configuration of the video and audio settings in the "Camera settings" menu: exposure, ISO mode, AE/AF, color balance, and in the "Settings (General)" menu: orientation, size, video format, as well as: audio activation and quality level.

The connections between your smartphone, your tablet and the Windows PC are automatic via the wireless mode associated with a Wifi network, or the wired mode and a USB cable. When the connection is efficient, a notification appears on each device.
With iVCam, e2eSoft offers you the opportunity to rehabilitate a deficient smartphone and use it as a remote video recorder (conference) or a microphone for your computer (babyphone).

By choosing the quality level of your smartphone or tablet camera, you can take advantage of the flash, zoom, wide-angle or telephoto function, and manual focus.
Play around with your creative skills by using every option in the iVCam. For example, replace the background of a photo with a colored screen (green screen) or use the bokeh effect to achieve a controlled blur.

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