PlantIn: Plant Identification

PlantIn is an application that brings together everything you need to improve your knowledge of botany. It offers a wide range of resources that are as useful as they are indispensable when you own plants.

PlantIn: the survival guide for your plants

In addition to accurately and instantly identifying a plant you don't know about with a photo, the application gives you all the information you need to take care of it. Each plant requires a different treatment, PlantIn provides specific sheets. These sheets tell you, among other things, how often to water your plants, how much light they need, what kind of fertilizer they are fond of, or in which pot they bloom best. Very practical, you can program notifications to warn you of watering and other care to bring them.

Your plants are outside? The app warns you and advises you in case of bad weather, frost or any other climatic event that could harm them. If one of them is not doing well, send a photo of the disease and find out how to treat it. To go further, the application offers targeted and personalized advice from botanical specialists. They provide you with maintenance guides and help you keep your plants healthy. Not available on the Windows store for PC. You can download the app on your Android and iOS devices.

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