Arena of Valor

Dive into the arena with Arena of Valor! Level Infinite and TiMi Studio's MOBA, with 250,000 daily players, transports you to 5-on-5 real-time clashes. While the game is not yet available on Windows on PC, it's waiting for you on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch! You can now download the application on the different stores and get into the battle.

Prove your worth in the arena

Join a guild and find your ideal hero. Team up with four other players to defeat your opponents by taking advantage of your environment. Unleash the power of your hero and earn gold by winning. From ingot to ingot, you will earn enough to invest in arcana or to reinforce your roster. Choose your fighter among the hundred or so heroes available, regularly augmented with new colorful personalities.

Level Infinite and TiMi Studio's game is waiting for you now for dynamic and overexcited confrontations, punctuated by an award-winning soundtrack. Don't wait any longer to form your unstoppable alliance and become part of the Arena of Valor legend. Experience the Arena of Valor adventure through the seasons and events, join the battle and try to climb the leaderboard.

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PROXIMA BETA doesn't seem to want to develop this application on PC... but that's no reason to give up ! Would you like to download and install Arena of Valor on Windows 10? Vote for this app on WishApplist! After a certain number of votes, we will contact the publisher to let them know that many of you want to download it. The more of us who ask for it, the more likely it is to land on PC! You can also login to your account to be alerted when this app is available.

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