Want to sing or rap like a pro? Voloco is for you. An application based on the auto-tune principle, a vocal technology widely used by music professionals, it automatically corrects and adjusts your voice to your favorite songs or to the tracks and beats available in its free library. It offers unparalleled quality thanks to the combination of tone correction, harmony generation and a vocoder.

A wide range of intuitive settings

Voloco provides you with many tools to help you get the most out of the music experience. Focus on your voice and let the magic happen! Thanks to its 8 packs of pre-set vocal effects, you can explore a maximum of style: from rap to RnB, through funk, Indian music and even old school 8-bit!

Its library of beats and free audio tracks will allow you to place your voice with the necessary accuracy on professional quality rhythms. Sing or rap, she does the rest. With its easy export tool, you'll be able to pair it with any other music application. Finish the mix elsewhere, isolate your voice, add instruments,... the choice is yours.

Titillate the sharing of your talent? Don't worry, its intuitive sharing tool will allow you to stream your videos or sounds directly to Instagram. And who knows, maybe you'll be spotted by adding its tags? Developed by Resonant Cavity, the Voloco application is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. For Apple Mac and PC Windows, you need to download a mobile emulator to enjoy it.

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