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HEOS by Denon

HEOS by Denon is an application associated with the system audio multi-room HEOS Wireless. It allows any user to access music (including iTunes) files from a PC or an Apple Mac.

How to use HEOS by Denon?

The application provides everything you need to set up and listen to music on your system HEOS. Using your wireless home network with one or more speakers HEOS, HEOS Amp/HEOS Link, you can explore, browse and play music from many music streaming, online, or your own music library services .

HEOS gives you access to all of your audio content. But the app also lets you add other users to the platform in order to vary the playlist or customize the piece according to the user. This is as you can, for example, a list of reader for the stay, another in the kitchen, or another even in the master bedroom. It is your responsibility to perform the customization according to the tastes and needs. The key is to be able to broadcast your favorite music on a network using a Smartphone, Tablet. In addition, HEOS by Denon works with Amazon Alexa, offering cutting-edge control and incredible sound for all your leisure at home, in a room or more. If necessary, you can ask Alexa to read music for you.

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