Have you ever imagined partying with friends and having only the music on your mobile phone? No, because the sound would be insufficient. Ampme was born from this observation. Ampme is an application created by Martin-Luc in August 2014. Its principle is to synchronize several mobiles in order to amplify the sound of the music you want to listen to with your friends. Ampme is launched on the market in September 2015.

How does Ampme work?

Over the years, the application offers you several music sources such as Youtube or Spotify. Award-winning Ampme has reached more than 4 million downloads. It brings together a team of around 20 people who are eager to expand. Ampme is at the crossroads of streaming for sound and the Zoom video system for smartphone pairing. A host will invite his friends who also have Ampme to join him with a code. Only the host can choose the music; to get out of sync, the guest just has to press "end the party". You can download it by going to You will see that there are 4 versions: 2 for mobile (Iphone and Android) and 2 for PC (Windows and Mac). You select the version that suits you and follow the procedure.

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