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GLWiZ is a Web application that gives you access to your favorite through television or computer channels. It is a web TV platform rich in features to provide a viewing experience that is improved in several languages for all tastes.

What are the services offered by the GLWiZ application?
GLWiZ, WebTV service offers a live television programming from around the world, on the Internet and under a high speed. It allows customers to watch their international favorite channels with images quality optimized on different devices (computer or TV) and from satellite dishes. The peculiarity of the eponymous application is that it gives access to channels even if satellite or cable television does not signal in your location. Therefore, users can enjoy their favorite channels, whatever their situation geographic nothing only with internal access to the application. All of the signal since GLWiZ is transmitted through an Internet connection, whether you use a PC, a laptop or even a decoder.
From this application you can have access to hundreds of channels of live television and radio stations international on your iOS device. Some users have even looked at more than 10 000 hours of their films and TV series favorite directly on their mobile device. The service provided on the application is paying, monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time prior to the next billing cycle.

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