Designed to help users stay connected to their physical and sporting activities, the mywellness application records their performance both outside and inside their club. This way, he continues his workouts without interruption to improve his health and fitness wherever he trains.

The mywellness application and its various functions

Developed by MyWellness SRL, mywellness can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play for Android mobile phones and from the App Store for those with iOS. Thanks to mywellness, the user follows his physical activities in detail. For example, during workouts mywellness determines the amount of calories burned and the number of kilometres travelled.

Participation in these physical activities entitles the user to MOVEs, which are considered units of magnitude. The accumulation of a certain amount of MOVEs makes it possible to make comparisons and determine the degree of performance. This degree of performance can be accessed via the graph presented by the MOVERGY INDEX function of mywellness.

With its video tutorials, mywellness gives explanations and indications on the correct way to do the physical exercises. Similarly, in order to help the user achieve his goals, mywellness allows him to personalise his training programmes.

The application does not have a version that can be run directly on the computer. It can be run on a Windows PC or Mac iOS using an emulator that must first be downloaded and installed.

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