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Google Home (Chromecast)

Google Home is an intelligent personal assistant designed and improved by the U.S. firm Google. The application is a gateway for multimedia content and intelligent household appliances. The application allows you to configure and control all the Google Home and Chromecast devices to manage centrally.

Google Home for a better grip of your devices

Google Home is a practical and versatile application designed to control audio and video of all of your devices. In practice, the application allows to configure your devices Google Home (Home Mini, Home Max, Home Hub) and Chromecast (Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra, Audio, TV or speakers with Chromecast integrated) to improve the user experience. She will guide you through the procedure of these smart speaker setup. The Google Home application is therefore designed to help you manage your smart devices. In all, it is possible to control up to 1000 products using the application.

It also serves to facilitate access to streaming services. It is as well as the application is also used to play music, TV shows and popular videos of your choice on your TV or your speakers from platform such as Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, Philips hue... For example, if you have a Netflix account, it will be easier to ask Google Home select for you the film or series of your choice to access YouTube and choose a channel or a video of your choice.

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