Canon Camera Connect

Canon Camera Connect is an application designed especially for iOS and Android operating systems, but not yet for Windows. It is used to transfer images taken with Canon cameras to a smartphone or tablet.

How do I use Canon Camera Connect?

Canon Camera Connect is an application that is used to pair mobile devices with any other Canon camera or camcorder equipped with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The application has an attractive and intuitive interface that allows you to view images with optimized quality. Previously called EOS Remote and Canon Camera Window, the application was renamed Canon Camera Connect in 2018 and has become the manufacturer's main application. To use the application, simply connect your Canon camera with your smartphone or tablet to :

  • Upload images instantly after they are taken and then share them;
  • Remotely control your camera from your phone;
  • Remotely open the camera's shutter with a Bluetooth connection;
  • Obtain information about the location of the smartphone and then add it to the camera images;
  • Add this GPS data to images from different cameras (EOS, PowerShot or IXUS).

Canon Camera Connect is an application that's perfect for an age when cameras with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity are all the rage. However, it lacks several features. For example, it is not possible to use the application to adjust the portrait mode while shooting remotely, to film remotely, or to take time-lapse photos. Any features that you may want to add at a later date?

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