ColorNote Notepad Notes

ColorNote is an application that lets you write everything you need in one place, from short notes to longer documents. With ColorNote, you will stay organized and never miss anything from your personal program.

ColorNote for better organization

ColorNote is a simple design notebook application that gives you a convenient and fast notebook editing experience for writing notes, memos, emails, messages, shopping lists and lists of tasks. Create text notes with the most essential information and check off items in a list once you’ve finished them. The app also allows you to sort notes by color by naming a color group and checking how many notes you have in a color group. Among the other advantages of the application, there are:

  • The presence of a note control for the task list and the shopping list. (Simple and fast list creator);
  • Support for online backup and synchronization;
  • The window support system side by side;
  • Research Notes.

Taking notes with the ColorNote Notepad is easier than any other notepad or notebook application. ColorNote is available on Android for smartphones and tablets. Available in the Windows app store, you can use it on Windows 8 and above. In 2020 ColorNote reached 100 million downloads in the Google Play store.

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