3CX is an application developed by 3CX. It is only available for Android and iOS devices. Windows PC users will need to use an emulator. This can be downloaded and installed on your computer. You then open 3CX via this software.

What does 3CX do?

The 3CX application is a dedicated communications tool for professionals. It helps telecommuters, for example, to make and receive video calls regardless of their geographical location. The software lets you add multiple people to a newly created conference channel. You can even schedule conferences by setting up 3CX calendars. You can also chat with your customers or a specific member of your team by exchanging messages. Here, as soon as messages from other 3CX users arrive on your device, you'll receive push notifications.

3CX is compatible with Bluetooth and other devices, freeing up your hands while you chat. In the event of network loss, you'll be quickly reconnected to the software. The application automatically manages codecs according to network conditions. This is essential to guarantee call quality. The networks that 3CX evaluates during operation include WiFi, 3G and 4G. Audio codecs also play an important role in encoding and decoding voice streams during calls.

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