Layout from Instagram

Layout is an application launched by Instagram in March 2015. It allows to make collages of several photos and to share them on Instagram and other social networks.

What are its main features?

When you use Layout, you can associate between 2 and 9 images at the same time. You can also customize your creation, since this application contains 10 types of collage modes. Layout also has a function that allows you to select faces. This makes it easy to find photos with people. When your collage is finished, you can save it in your film, and then you can share it on the social networks of your choice.

This application has another function called Photo Booth. This mode allows you to take photos instantly. In the "Recent" tab, it is possible to select the last 30 photos taken and view them one by one. These images can be customized with the Instagram creation tools. To do so, you can change their color, resize their size, and arrange their location.

How does Layout work?

To use Layout, you must log in to Instagram. When logging into your account, remember to check if your version of Instagram is up to date. After this step, you go to the "swiper" option or press "your story". Then switch from the "Normal" option to the "Composition" option by sliding to the right. Finally, choose the type of layout you like. You can share it with your friends or post it on your story.

Layout can be installed on IOS and Android systems. It is also possible to download it through an emulator, if you want to install it on PC and Windows.

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