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Spotify is a digital music, podcast and video streaming service that gives you access to millions of songs and other content from artists around the world. Originally developed in Sweden, the application works as a near-instantaneous music distribution tool.

Access your favorite audio content

Spotify is one of the many music streaming services currently available. It allows you to use the Internet to legally listen to songs via streaming on your PC. Spotify is also available as an application on many smartphones. The Spotify offering is huge with 40 million songs. Thanks to the cooperation with major music labels like Universal, Warner and Sony, almost every artist is represented on Spotify. Among the facilities that the Spotify app offers you is the possibility to :

  • Select music via the navigation ;
  • Search for your favourite songs, albums and artists using the search function;
  • Receive recommendations via custom features such as your mix of the week, release radar or mixtape;
  • Build music collections;
  • Find out what your friends, artists and celebrities are listening to;
  • Create your own radio stations.

Spotify is available on a variety of devices including computers, smartphones, tablets, speakers, TVs and cars. In addition to music, Spotify also offers a growing number of audiobooks and podcasts. And with Spotify Connect you can easily switch between different devices. Spotify is completely free to use, but there are premium versions available by subscription.

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Spotify has already been published Spotify on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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