Foxtel Go

Foxtel Go is an application that gives you access to the best selection of movie, sports and entertainment content through hit movies, new shows, games and full seasons of TV series. The application allows you to access live and on-demand broadcasts on your favorite devices and in HD. Subscribers can subscribe to multiple devices and watch two devices at the same time.

Foxtel Go, the Australian Nexflix

Foxtel Go is the Australian application that puts your entertainment at your fingertips with up to 80 live and time-shifted channels on your TVs or PC screens. The app is included in your Foxtel residential subscription. So users won't have to pay extra to download the application or use the browser to stream their favourite content. Via Foxtel GO, you will have access to all the content you have subscribed to as part of your Foxtel subscription. In addition, the new design allows multi-room subscribers to broadcast content on separate widescreen TVs, for example in two different rooms in the same house.

Foxtel GO also offers new features, including personal watch lists, closed captioning and continuous universal monitoring on all devices supported by Foxtel GO. Access the application on your Chrome or Safari browser on a PC or Mac. You can watch all available shows after downloading the application from Google Play or PlayStore.

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