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Foxtel Go

Foxtel Go is an app that gives you access to the best choice in motion picture, sports and entertainment content through blockbuster movies, new shows, games and full season TV series. The app allows you to access live and on-demand programming on your favorite devices and in HD. Subscribers can register on multiple devices.

Foxtel Go, the Australian Nexflix
Foxtel Go is the Australian app that puts your entertainment to your heart's content with up to 80 channels live and live on your TVs or PC screens. The application is included in the Foxtel residential subscription. Users will not have to pay additional fees to download the app or use the browser to serve their favorite content. Via Foxtel Go, you will have access to all the content to which you subscribed as part of your Foxtel subscription. In addition, the new design allows multi-room subscribers to broadcast content on separate large screen televisions, for example in two different rooms of the same house.
Foxtel Go also includes new features including personal tracking lists, closed captions, and continuous universal monitoring on all devices supported by Foxtel Go.

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