Naim is software that enables you to control the playback of Naim titles and the Naim systems connected to the network used to play them. The purpose of the application is to connect digital music players to a Wi-Fi network over the Naim network to give you full control of your hi-fi speakers.

Naim - an innovative tool for browsing your music libraries

The Naim application is the single control system for your state of the art home hi-fi system. It allows you to enjoy millions of songs at your fingertips, as well as :

  • Configure devices through its custom setup process;
  • Have a multi-room broadcast system to play your music in every room of your home and even create a different playlist in each room ;
  • Enjoy entire libraries of music through online platforms such as TIDAL, Spotify, UPnP and iRadio;
  • Benefit from a system that controls all the functions and settings of your devices remotely;...

As a music discovery and exploration application, naim also gives you the tools to adjust volume, switch and pause between songs, browse album covers, create playlists, and store your favourite radio stations for easy retrieval. The Naim Audio application requires Apple iOS7, Android 4.0 and higher.

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