A camera is one of the most widely used devices in terms of security. Whether it is network or IP-based, the most important thing is that it can fulfil its primary function, i.e. filming. However, the functionality of this equipment is not limited to this option. It can be used to compress and transmit video thanks to the components it integrates. Its functionalities make it possible to use it in various fields, such as surveillance.

YYP2P features

YYP2P is an application to control IP cameras through a smartphone. Its main feature is to remotely connect to a camera. By logging in, the user can watch the images wherever he is. The software also allows to control the camera. The camera can also be used as an alarm. To perform this task, simply enable this function in the software.

Adding new devices is also possible with YYP2P. The user can connect to the cameras online via a PC using the Windows or Mac operating system. For your information, to take advantage of this software, you need to install an emulator for Android or Ios. This software allows you to exploit the full potential of a camera. However, care must be taken with regard to image sharing, as the YYP2P application does not guarantee the security of the images shared by the user. Those using an iPhone or iPad can download the application from the App Store.

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