Google Lens

Google Lens is an application, based on artificial intelligence, of visual recognition from images or photos that replaces Google Goggles. Initially released in October 2017, it is the latest novelty of the American giant Google. It is available on devices running Android and on iOS.

Google Lens works with your camera or the camera

Google Lens is a standalone application that is being deployed progressively. It is not yet available for all devices, and to work for sure, the language of your device must be set to English. It runs on Android but not yet on a Windows PC.

The principle of Lens is as follows: perform operations such as searching from a selected image or a photo you take with your smartphone. You select the whole picture or a part of it and Lens can perform a search. It processes an image and offers you various functions. First of all to identify a person, an object or a place. Lens can also be used with a photo by opening it in Photos. Lens is then a background process that is added to Photos and starts a search when you view the photo taken by your camera, by selecting an element of your photo. You can take a picture of an object and get information about it, such as where to buy it. But you can also take a QR code or barcode.

Google Lens allows you to use what you've photographed no matter what you're photographing. Another example, if you take a business card, Lens allows you to add it to your contacts. You can photograph text and place it in the clipboard or translate it, by choosing the "Text Selection" mode.

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