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This is an application that you will be more than useful to improve stability or to remotely control devices DJI. It allows to perform a large number of settings with the devices of the brand and offers almost professional renderings. DJI GO application is available on both Smartphone and iOS. But the DJI brand is hard at work to create a new SDK of drone for Windows 10 which will allow the control and transfer of data with Windows 10.

What to do with the DJI GO app?
DJI GO application allows to optimize the operation of devices of brand DJI, a manufacturer of drones, cameras and stabilizers. DJI GO is an essential application for pilots to drones, as confirmed beginner. Very intuitive, it allows access to advanced settings and unique assisted flight patterns in the use of the facilities of brand DJI. Helping you become familiar with these, it offers several features of which the most prominent is the video back to your live camera. Indeed, it allows the transmission and adjusting images in near-real time, as well as editing and sharing the images. Among other functions, there are:
-The transmission of HD images almost in real time.
-The setting of the camera settings and the update of the playback interface;
-The diversification of models and tracks of music in Notepad;
-Download, editing and sharing videos;
-Broadcasting live integrated;
-Registration of flight in near real-time data;
-Activation of different modes for filming.
After image processing, the application allows you to directly post them on social networks.

You want DJI GO on Windows 10 (PC, Mobile, tablet) ? Act !

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