Tahoma is an application that allows you to control and centralize all the equipment and installations that are present in your home for ease of use. With TaHoma, you can connect your devices (lights, roller shutters, connected gate...) and activate them with a simple click on your Smartphone.

Tahoma to control everything from a single terminal

Tahoma is an application that allows you to improve your comfort, security and optimize the management of your energy sources from your tablet, smartphone, computer, smart watch and even with a voice assistant. For example, Tahoma allows you to control your alarm or lighting, then easily add more and more new devices (lights, heating, blinds, curtains...) without changing your installation. In the smart house, sensors and actuators send and receive various values and information. The security and reliability of the data transmission is ensured by the application. Secure protected data communication offers many possibilities for users who might be concerned about security aspects. Tahoma is an application that has its full place in an intelligent home :

The application offers three main functions to users for its operation:

  • "Scenario" to combine several pieces of equipment;
  • "Agenda" to plan the scenarios and play them automatically;
  • "Smart" to create automatic scenarios using sensors.

To operate them, you just need to set up your house on the network by gradually adding new accessories and new high-tech equipment. The Tahoma application is available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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