Tinder is probably the most famous dating app available today. It is a tool that allows people to search through many profiles for the chance to find a profile based on their photo, a small biography and common interests focused on physicality.

How does the Tinder application work?

Tinder is an online dating application that allows you to find your significant other based on several physical or behavioral criteria that you share. The app works by matching accounts with others when users are in an age range, have specific preferences or are within a certain distance of each other. Tinder is available as a free app for Android or iOS, just download it from the App Store or Google Play.

To use the app, you just need to create an account by filling in some personal information. Tinder can pull some information from your Facebook profile, but you can choose what you want to display and write a short bio of yourself. You'll also need to choose a few photos to include. You'll want to choose a few (five) that showcase you and your life. The app offers to help you with a feature called Smart Photos. If you choose to enable it, it will continually evaluate how well people have responded to each of your profile photos, and automatically order them so that your most popular photo appears at the top of all submissions on the site.

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