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Travelling at sea can be very entertaining and soothing. However, before embarking on such an adventure, it is essential that you have proven knowledge about parameters such as depths, topographical changes or wind direction. For a smooth trip, you can use Navionics, a convenient app.

A variety of cards for boaters
Navionics is a useful app if you often make trips or short trips at sea on board your boat. For an adventure at sea, it is essential to have a map at your disposal. All you need to do is install Navionics to take advantage of two adapted naval maps to have a good landmark at sea. This is the Nautical Map and the SonarChart.

With the nautical map, you benefit from information on navigation, port plans, maritime services and possible hazards. The depths of the seas or lakes can change depending on the area where you venture. The SonarChart card is the perfect way to give you complete information.

Useful and suitable functions for a stay at sea
The usefulness of the Navionics nautical application lies in the many functions it possesses. A first Autorouting Dock-to-dock feature allows you to quickly and easily determine the ideal route to take. This suggestion is given on the basis of parameters such as: the draught of the boat and the distance from the land and seas. In addition, downloading Navionics allows you to get forecasts on tides, currents and wind direction. You can also make map settings to highlight the most important information.

In short, Navionics is a complete application for exploration enthusiasts at sea or on lakes. A single download will allow you to have all the cards in hand to make a trip worthy of an experienced explorer.

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