PelisPLUS is an application for entertainment from a device connected to the Internet. Examples include a mobile phone, computer, tablet or smart TV. It is the appropriate tool for viewing a film, series or documentary online.

A useful application for everyone

PelisPlus is a free app that provides an outstanding transmission or streaming service. It is compatible on many platforms such as Windows PC, iOS and Android. It is not difficult to use once it is installed. There are different ways to download it, depending on the space available on the device in question. The content to be viewed can be shared, if this is useful. This is valid regardless of the type of series and documentaries chosen.

PelisPlus is an application with many advantages. It is an entertainment software that appeals to a large number of people. There is a wide range of choices of video content to be seen: action, horror, romance, biography, comedy, history, etc. There's something for everyone: young and old. Each user only has to choose the type of movies they prefer to watch: films, series or live TV.

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