BSH Home Connect

The "Bosch Smart Home Connect", its controller and Bosch connected objects redefine the connected home, version "plus"!

BSH, more than an application: a real concept!

BSH Home Connect by Bosch is an automated and hierarchical concept for controlling household appliances in the connected home. It acts as a brain by being your relay in terms of management of connected objects. The BSH controller manages the commands for the home appliances (cooktop, refrigerator, washing machine), using the multifunction button in the app, the "Twist" remote control or verbally via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The impact on the operation of the house and its inhabitants is significant. For your comfort, Bosch has a wide range of connected objects: thermostats, switches, electrical outlets, etc. You can thus control the lighting of a bulb as well as the degree of humidity in the air. Note, in addition to your well-being, Bosch is efficient in terms of security. Its alarm system with sensors and presence simulator protects the house against intrusions.

To benefit ideally from the BSH Home Connect system, your priority is to successfully install it on a mobile device; Windows PC or Mac are unfortunately not compatible. Once the controller is connected to the router via the network cable and to your device via the WLAN cable, download the application: identify "rooms", create a password and connect the various household appliances by scanning their QR code. Finally, activate the remote control option.

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