ASUS Router

Published by ASUSTeK Computer inc, ASUS Router is a very easy to use network management utility. It is available for Android and iOS users but not on Windows PC.

ASUS Router, your easy to download network manager

ASUS Router allows you to manage your Asus brand router from the comfort of your smartphone. The utility allows you to view various statistics about your home network and router. You can monitor your network traffic, see the number of devices connected to your network, the status of your router's Wi-Fi network, etc. The application also allows you to enable and disable network functions, change your Wi-Fi password, update your router's firmware, etc. ASUS Router automatically searches for nearby ASUS routers.

So all you have to do is turn on your router, launch the utility, and in a few clicks, enjoy fast and secure Wi-Fi without worrying about complex configuration. The tool also lets you keep an eye on both network traffic and connected devices wherever you are. This gives you peace of mind that your network is running smoothly and provides instant feedback in case of problems. With this application, you have full control over your network and decide who can access the Internet. You can also allocate bandwidth for each device, prevent unauthorized users from hogging network resources, etc.

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