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Netatmo Welcome

Netatmo Welcome is a well-made application that offers you a detailed management and notification center for your Netatmo equipment. Thanks to it, your connected devices communicate with each other, as well as with different web services.

Netatmo Welcome to perfect your home automation
Netatmo is a very innovative company that offers many solutions to make life at home and in your home more comfortable, easier, but above all healthier and safer. It is in this sense that it offers its application called Netatmo Welcome dedicated to securing your facilities.
Netatmo Welcome is essentially structured around an alarm function, like any other security system. It also provides you with information about everything that happens at home. For example, if you are a worried parent but busy out with other tasks, it is nice to know that your children are doing well at home. Netatmo Welcome helps you with it through its live monitoring system. It's a smart security camera offers a lot of comfort in use; It has a facial recognition system and allows you to watch and listen live. It's super easy to install with an app
Netatmo Welcome can also communicate with other devices in your home automation system such as switches, thermostat or even email. Notifications are of course set up. You can choose to receive them simply when you are away or continuously.

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