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Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone app is the best way to learn new languages ​​with the most innovative features. The Rosetta Stone app lets you associate words with images in real-life situations so you can fully engage in your new language.

Rosetta Stone to perfect your language experience
Rosetta Stone is an application that allows you to learn by increasing your abilities and allowing you to speak with confidence in any context. To succeed, the app has a variety of speech-based lessons and features. For example, its TruAccent tool improves your pronunciation experience. It boosts users' ability to speak confidently and evaluates them with a five-star system.
Rosetta Stone is also a total immersion in the language with unique linguistic experiences. Go easily from words to sentences, to conversations. The application allows you to perfect your use of the language by listening to downloadable lessons and continuing to learn, wherever you are and especially offline. It creates a framework free of any constraint to express you on a wide range of topics, from politics to sport, through scientific and technological subjects.
Rosetta Stone is a paid application, but it offers a trial version, which means that you can create an account and try it. It offers an online subscription plan that you can use on your smartphone or tablet.

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Rosetta Stone Ltd explained he didn't want to develop this application on Windows 10... but it's not a good reason to give up ! You want Rosetta Stone on Windows 10 ? Explain your disappointment by contacting this publisher !

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