Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos Cloud Drive is an application that lets you back up, organize, and share all the photos and videos on your phone, computer, and other devices. The application provides secure cloud storage and online backup for your photos and videos.

Amazon Photos Cloud Drive, automatic photo recording and backup

Amazon Photos Cloud Drive offers a simple, scalable, and innovative file storage system to keep your data safe. With Amazon Cloud Drive, you can easily access your documents, spreadsheets, music files, photos, and videos that you've stored in Cloud Drive, Amazon's secure cloud storage and online backup. With this free cloud storage application, backup is easy, so your important documents are safe even if your Android device is lost or damaged. Among the features available, users have the option :

  • Play videos and music files stored on your Cloud Drive;
  • Automatically save their photos and easily backup them and free up memory space on their devices;
  • Safely back up photos and videos with Amazon ;
  • Download photos, videos and files from your smartphone;
  • Create folders, edit and move files between folders;
  • Share photos and albums via SMS, email or other applications.

Amazon Photos offers secure cloud storage and online backup for your photos and videos. Upload your content from a computer to Cloud Drive to view, share, or use it on any device.

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