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In order to protect your family, your spouse and your children from the dangers of the internet, there are many solutions available to you. And among these different solutions, Covenant eyes filtering software is the right option.

 Indeed, Covenant eyes is a software designed with the specific objective of supervising the telephone activities of parents as well as children on the internet. Judging badly the trend of pornography since the advent of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), including smartphones, the creators of this application have decided to set up a system to monitor the activities of the whole smartphones and this so that in case of slippage, the owners of the software can be interrupted.

How Covenant eyes work

First, Covenant eyes monitors and takes periodic screenshots of activities on your phone and sends a report to a trusted person you have already chosen as a mentor before. Advanced Artificial Intelligence analyzes periodic captures before sending them. Then, the software provides an application lock feature to completely block tempting ones. Also, it has a "panic" button that you can use when the temptation becomes too strong and you can not resist. With this button, you immediately block your internet connection. In addition, the application's website also links you to articles for information such as: three ways pornography destroys your wife.

In addition, Covenant eyes is available for all media: computers, tablets and smartphones and even in private browsing. Finally, you must have a Covenant eyes account to use this application. The application is free when you open your account. For those who do not have an account, it will be necessary to use the promotional code of the software designed for ANDROID to be able to benefit from the first 30 days for free.

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