MoneyControl is a web platform that can be accessed via any PC browser. The site provides its users with information on current events related to finance. The interface offers numerous services such as analyses on mutual funds, markets, commodities, etc.

Why use MoneyControl?

The MoneyControl platform was launched in 1999 in India by a couple named Victor and Sangeeta Fernandes. It was bought in 2000 by E-EIGHTEEN Dot Com ltd. The interface allows users to concentrate all their investment information in one place, along with other features such as tax return calculations. MoneyControl will allow you to follow in real time the evolution of the markets while managing the evolution of the accounts you have linked. Its use is free but for a better experience it is proposed to switch to a paid pro account.

MoneyControl also provides an application that will allow you to follow the news of the finance directly from your mobile. You can download the application from Google Play, the App Store or Windows Phone. Compatible with most mobile phones, you will be able to follow the news and your finances from your PC at home or on your phone on the move.

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