magicApp (magicJack)

MagicApp is an application that allows you to install two simultaneous phone lines with a single number. The application is only available for customers with a MagicJack device.

Make calls from any MagicJack number

MagicApp is the application that allows you to use a Wi-Fi or data plan to make VoIP calls to multiple destinations (mainly the United States, Canada) and other MagicJack numbers anywhere, without wasting time. If you don't have a MagicJack account to start paying, the application will assign you a random outgoing number each time you use it. You can also receive calls, even if the caller will need to call a special number and then enter your MagicJack application number. It is therefore a service that can accompany you anywhere and allows you to never miss a call. Other features of the application include :

  • The ability to make calls via Wi-Fi so you never have to worry about roaming charges when you travel ;
  • The ability to send text messages to any U.S. or Canadian mobile number

In addition, MagicJack provides a VoIP service, meaning you have the ability to bypass traditional phone lines from within your home. Rather than making analog calls as with traditional phone service allows you to do so. You use hardware and software to convert your call into a digital signal and send it over the Internet. The application is limited to one smartphone or tablet per active magicJack device number.

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