Need to relax to get rid of your stress and anxiety? Know that there are alternative methods to meditation to achieve this. You can try pigment to experience the benefits of colouring. It's a fun way to recharge your batteries, to give you a moment of relaxation and enjoy a break rich in colour.

Pigment features

Pigment has the particularity of being an application that offers you a colouring book to relax you. A 5 to 10 minute session is all it takes to feel the benefits it provides compared to the meditation exercise. In practice, it is the illustration of works of art by great professionals on more than 4,000 pages. To use it, simply tap and fill in the images with a wide range of colours. Alternatively, you can use brushes, pencils or markers if you prefer to experience the same sensations of drawing on paper. After finishing your creation, you can share it with your friends and family on social media. Even better, the platform gives you the possibility to print it, if you want to display it to decorate your home.

Before you can try it out, you must have an Android-based system with at least a 5.0 operating system. If you prefer to do your illustrations on your PC, you should first install the emulator of your choice on your computer. After selecting your programme from the search bar by typing its name, an icon will appear in your store. You will be asked to accept the licence agreement. You can then run it under Windows and discover the many alternatives available. To perform this operation, click on download, in order to launch its installation on your device with the copied files.

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