Todoist is a task management application, commonly called "to do list", offering many features to manage your daily life.

The best features of Todoist

Todoist has an intuitive interface to organize yourself personally and professionally, which makes it a popular application in its field. As with any self-respecting to-do list, Todoist allows you to easily add tasks and, optionally, set a due date for them. You can also assign a recurrence to them. In terms of organization, tasks can be grouped into folders and broken down into subtasks.

The solution innovates from other task managers, in filtering and collaboration. It is possible to put labels on your tasks as well as priority levels, to filter them easily afterwards. It is also possible to share one's to-do list and to assign things to other people than oneself. Finally, the Todoist karma will make you earn points for each task you complete and will boost you to do more. Todoist is published by the company Doist Inc.

The software stands out by being available on all media: phones with an app to install for Android and iOS, PCs (Windows, Linux and Mac) by connecting directly to their official website or by downloading web browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge, and even Apple Watch and Gear OS connected watches.

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