Security is a must with regard to transaction authentication numbers or NATs. They take the form of passwords that banking services must use. Financial institutions must then use a suitable application, such as VR-SecureGo. It gives the user easy access to the TAN for all instant and online banking transactions.

Application for transmitting data in encrypted form

VR-SecureGo takes care of the direct transmission of the TAN for banking transactions on a tablet or smartphone. Meeting security standards, it is popular with many banks. With this solution, recipients receive encrypted data. To use it properly, you must first register. It will then be activated and then automatically deactivated after each use.

The VR-SecureGo can be used with your pc under windows or other peripherals. To do so, you have to download it and log in, either with a password or with a fingerprint. Please note that it does not work with mobile devices under "Rooting" or "Jailbreak", due to security reasons.

VR SecureGo is also an efficient solution to transmit a TAN to a VR Banking, in an automatic way. To do so, it must be ensured that both applications are present in the same device. Thus, you are no longer obliged to use an additional device to carry out your various online banking transactions.

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