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Verizon Messages

Verizon Overview Messages
Verizon Messages is an application that allows you to exchange messages on your Smartphone, tablet, computer and even smart watches. Its particularity lies in the fact that it manages the voice messages without the services of the telephone operator of the user.

How to use Verizon Messages?
Verizon Messages is an application that lets you manage your email service and personalize your chat experience. Simply pair your phone number with the Verizon Messages app on your mobile, tablet or compatible smartwatch to make and receive calls wherever you want on any network. On Verizon Messages, you will be able to:
• Access an easy-to-use graphical interface where you can receive a list of voicemail messages;
• Receive detailed information on each message received;
• Read the received voice messages without soliciting the services of your telephony operator, but by subscribing a package on the application;
• Express yourself with colored Emoji by tapping on the highlighted keywords when writing messages;
• Consult the messages in the order that suits you;
• Schedule delivery of messages at a specific date / time, even if your phone is turned off;
• Create a newsgroup capable of holding up to 250 people;
• Delete received voice messages without even consulting them.
Now everyone can download and chat with Verizon Messages, even non-Verizon customers.

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