File Commander

File Commander - File Manager & Free Cloud is a file management tool designed to manage files on your mobile. This application is among the most important applications on your device with which you can browse your files, find your downloads, manage many common tasks.

File Commander is a file manager that lets you take care of any file on your Android device, Cloud storage or network location via an intuitive interface. Fully optimized for Android P, the application has security features. It is equipped with safe, trash, storage analyzer, file converter and also receive 5 GB of free storage on MobiSystems Drive. So, if you want to move your files to external services like Google Drive, DropBox, Box or SugarSync, the application offers an interesting utility.

File Commander also serves as a file converter. You can perform over 1200 types of conversions and converting your files to over 100 other formats. With File Commander you can copy, paste, cut and move any file from the memory of your Android device.

The app displays detailed information about what takes up space on your device and provides suggestions on what you can delete or move, to quickly free up internal or external storage. File Commander is a complete file management tool with an attractive interface that allows you to organize files according to different criteria.

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